Chris Lynch


Sunday 20th August, 2017

 Before visiting Hong Kong, I was expecting a “westernised” city. In my experience, nothing could be further from the truth. If you’re looking for a cultural experience, there are plenty of attractions to achieve this. On Hong Kong Island, there’s the Man Mo Temple. It’s the oldest temple in Hong Kong. The temple was built in 1847 and on any given day, you’ll find locals praying in the entrance way and inside the temple, as well as tourists enjoying the peace and solitude. It’s easy to find, as it’s on the main ‘hop on hop off’ bus ride tour. Part of its magic is that it’s a complete contrast from the bustling downtown area of Central Hong Kong, which is just a few minutes’ walk. The smell of incense is overpowering at first. But after a few minutes you’ll get used to the smoky atmosphere and you’ll soon feel relaxed. The temple doesn’t look like much from the outside, but in this case, looks can be deceiving. It’s rich in history and worth the visit.  


Sunday 30th July, 2017
Causeway Bay is located on Kong Kong Island. It’s a great place to stay, particularly if you don’t have much time, but still want to experience a little bit of everything Kong Kong has to offer. It’s not quite as “local” as Kowloon, which is on the mainland opposite side of the Victoria Harbour, but there’s enough of a local vibe to get you out of your Western bubble.  Many roads are bigger and wider than in Kowloon. In fact it feels spacious, if there is such a thing in Hong Kong.


Monday 24th July, 2017
Hong Kong is often described as a city where east meets west. While there are aspects of this cultural collision, particularly on Hong Kong Island, it’s a different story across Victoria Harbour, in Kowloon. This urban area of Kong Kong feels more local. When researching Hong Kong, it can be overwhelming deciding on what to do and where to stay. Whether you choose Hong Kong Island, or the grittier Kowloon, both offer different experiences quite unlike any other major international city. If you find yourself enjoying one part of Hong Kong more than the other, it’s easy to getting around the city, using its efficient train system known as the MTR. For a truly authentic and chaotic experience, it’s worth staying in Kowloon. Despite many shops with luxury brands, the city is unpretentious with busy side streets crammed with small markets, connected to long hustle and bustle roads filled with shops that sell just about anything. Kowloon, as a city, is diverse when it comes to its surroundings. It’s hard to describe it as one thing or another. 


Wednesday 14th June, 2017
Crawling backwards to safety as a gunman went on a deadly rampage in an Orlando nightclub a year ago today, Patience Carter could have escaped unharmed. But as her hands hit the street gutter the 21-year-old realised her friend Tiara Parker was still inside the Pulse nightclub, where Omar Mateen was firing a Sig Sauer .223 calibre assault rifle and a Glock 17 pistol indiscriminately. Joined by her friend's cousin, Akyra Murray, who had also got to safety, she went back inside, she told Newstalk ZB's Chris Lynch on Tuesday. The decision cost Murray her life, and cost Carter her sense of safety in the world. As the pair found Parker, they realised Mateen was still firing and rushed with others into a bathroom.They were hiding together in a stall when they heard Mateen's footsteps, she said."It's like an indescribable amount of fear. It's petrifying. It was silent for a moment. We just started praying and then you just hear his footsteps come into the bathroom. "Then he starts firing into the bathroom non-stop. He keeps firing until his gun jams. That's the only thing that stopped him."


Monday 17th April, 2017
New Zealand Director Slavko Martino talks to Chris Lynch about his new movie Pecking Order, a feature length documentary that follows the members of the Christchurch Poultry, Bantman, and Pigeon Club in the lead up to NZ National Champs. As you might imagine, the film is full of some incredibly interesting characters (or Chicken fanciers as they are more lovingly known) as well as some great unexpected drama and bucket loads of heart. 


Monday 17th April, 2017
Linda Robinson is a senior international policy analyst at the RAND Corporation. Her current research centers on the U.S. strategy to counter the Islamic State, gray zone conflicts, building partner capacity, and special operations forces. She recently testified before the U.S. Congress on U.S. counterterrorism policy. She spoke to Chris Lynch about what the US should do now in Syria. 


Friday 07th April, 2017
Over the past week, Sesame Street Muppets have brought laughter to a thousand children in Fiji who have been impacted by Cyclone Winston. Before I visited schools, I was briefed by Fiji Red Cross' health coordinator on the psychological impact of the cyclone. She told me that two months on, many children are still too frightened to attend school. Others run out of their classrooms, frightened at the first sign of wind and rain. A day before we hit the road, I gave Fiji Red Cross staff members an impromptu performance so they could experience first-hand what children could expect. Much to my surprise, when I brought out Grover and Elmo, they reacted with fits of laughter. The Muppets are quite possibly the easiest ice breaker. 

CHRIS LYNCH Talk Host Finalist 2016 | 2015 | 2014 | Winner: Best Journalist daily current affairs show 2012

Thursday 05th January, 2017
Chris Lynch is a multimedia journalist and award winning television news producer. He hosts a morning talk show on New Zealand's #1 radio station Newstalk ZB. Chris works across all media platforms including television, radio, print and social media. He has experience working in 'live' network television control rooms, producing breaking national and international news. Along with Chris' journalism, he's also a fully-fledged television camera operator and editor and produces social media videos. Chris was nominated for "best talk host"  at the New Zealand Radio Awards in 2016, 2015, and 2014. He hosts nationwide talk radio shows and presents special network shows including War Memorial Day, Easter holidays and New Zealand Day.   (Below: Chris Lynch with then New Zealand Prime Minister) 


Sunday 13th November, 2016
Bollywood superstar Sidharth Malhotra, and Tourism New Zealand’s ambassador to India, touched down in Christchurch to promote the city to his millions of social media followers. It’s his second visit to New Zealand. Sidharth’s first visit resulted in an increase in the number of Indians more likely to visit New Zealand for a holiday. India is a key emerging market for New Zealand. Nearly 50,000 Indians visited in the year to September, nearly half of them travelling here for a holiday.

You can win two tickets to fly on the Emirates A380

Monday 31st October, 2016

Any photo you take of the A380 in Christchurch could win you tickets for two on the A380 from Christchurch to Sydney.