Chris Lynch



Thursday 02nd June, 2016

Heads need to roll and quickly, following more shocking news that Christchurch will have to wait another nine months for the Government led convention centre. Treasury has released yet another scathing report highlighting issues with the project’s definition, budget and benefits.  The last word benefit is telling. How many times do those at the top need to be told of the benefits of a convention centre for Christchurch? Or could it just be that they’re struggling to produce a sound business case? It’s always interesting when the private hotels cry out for them, but are never willing to dig into their own pockets to fund them. Originally, the project was due to be completed next year. However, building work has yet to start. But don’t worry, plenty of people are creaming it while the going is good. $16 million has been spent arranging the convention centre, and that doesn’t include the $60 million already spent on buying up the land.


Monday 16th May, 2016

Climate change activists have been at it again, frustrating members of the public with more protests.  Supporters of the 350 Aotearoa movement decided to block customers trying to enter a Dunedin bank. They’ve done this before and were in Auckland today sitting outside a Queen Street bank. But it seems their latest antics in Dunedin have gone too far. The protesters thought it was a good idea to stop elderly people from going about their lawful business, preventing them from entering the bank. Police were called and an officer had to help elderly people into the bank by holding their arms and navigating their way through the protesters. It was a sad sight to see an elderly person, who could barely walk, being escorted by police while student protesters sat there with vacant looks on their faces. Why didn’t police arrest them for obstructing the public in the first place? Perhaps they were keen to limit negative media exposure. The group’s apologised for their actions, but their sorry note is too late. They think that if they cause disruption to everyday New Zealanders, their climate change message will be taken seriously. It’s a strategy that doesn’t work. All it does is create an “us verse them” social environment, alienating protesters from reasonable minded people who might have taken an interest in their views. But is media attention an effective way of causing change? Not really. Once the protesters start repeating their actions, the novelty wears thins. These protesters know that their actions won’t interfere with the operations of the financial institutions they so hate. But they don’t care. Their need to feel worthy takes over. It’s more about having feelings of self-worth, by attaching themselves to a movement that doesn’t actually affect change. Do you think that protesters have the absolute right cause civil disobedience or are their actions counter-productive?

Los Angeles more than glitz & glamour  Chris Lynch travelled to LA & explored Venice, The Grove, Santa Monica and downtown LA 

Saturday 23rd January, 2016
VENICE BEACH is distinctively Californian and a must see area of Los Angeles. It’s a paradox in many ways. Luxury homes and apartments with incredible sea views stretch the length of the beach, accompanied by gritty urban playing fields with skate parks, volley and basketball courts. Somehow, the contrasting lifestyles of the rich, and not so rich, blends together perfectly, creating a unique vibe you won’t experience anywhere else in Los Angeles. If you like visiting world famous locations, but find crowds overwhelming, visit Los Angeles during the New Zealand summer break. Venice Beach, for example, is much quieter, given our summer is their winter, if there is such a thing in California! You’ll get away with wearing a t-shirt while walking along the world famous Venice Beach Boardwalk. Here you can buy just about anything you never knew you wanted, from tarot card readings to temporary tattoos. If you walk past street artists, but miss them performing a routine on a giant piano, and take their photo, be prepared to throw them some dollars for the privilege. They make a living out of unintentionally looking slightly 'off.'  If you need a break from the weird and wacky, walk a few metres towards the sea, and step onto the ocean front walk. The world’s most recognisable palm trees separate the two walks. You’ll see plenty of locals exercising; a great motivator to make you keep walking! The people watching is a sport on its own. There are plenty of places along Venice Beach to hire everything beach related including bicycles, skateboards, surfboards, wet suits, boogie boards and even paddle boards. Speaking of exercise, just a few steps from the sand on Venice Beach Boardwalk is Muscle Beach Gym. Once the home gym of bodybuilders Arnold Schwarzenegger and Lou Ferrigno, the facility still serves the community as the only outdoor gym where Schwarzenegger lookalike bodies are everywhere. 

REVIEW: Mary Poppins (The Court Theatre)  by Chris Lynch, Newstalk ZB

Tuesday 24th November, 2015

The true magic and spirit of Walt Disney is alive and well in Christchurch city thanks to the brilliant Court Theatre production of Mary Poppins. If you're after a show with all the bells and whistles with the high standard Disney is famous for, then this production is for you. It's easy enough to make comparisons to Julie Andrews, but Melbourne based Cantabrian Laura Bunting provides a strong performance as the world's most famous Nanny. Bert is played by Jan Di Pietro, whose infectious energy often has the audience tapping their hands and feet.