Chris Lynch


OPINION: Time to ban street prostitution?

Monday 12th May, 2014

The legalisation of street prostitution in Christchurch is fast becoming the city’s great shame. In 2003, we became the first country in the world to decriminalise prostitution. Former MP Tim Barnett and his crew said the law would give protection for street sex workers and give them confidence to make rape complaints knowing they wouldn’t be judged by law enforcement officers. The law’s aim was built around the principle of harm minimisation – identifying genuine harm caused by prostitution and writing law and policy to minimise them. Tell that to Mellory Manning’s family.   A jury found a former gang prospect guilty of the street sex worker’s murder by beating her to death in 2008. In 2005, prostitute Suzie Sutherland was murdered and her body was dumped on Peterborough St. That same year, a former high school friend of mine, who tuned to the sex trade, was murdered by being repeatedly run over by the killer. Last month a sex worker was sexually assaulted on Bealey Ave. The same night, another sex worker was punched.

OPINION: Mental Health Awareness

Monday 12th May, 2014

There’s never been a more important time to ensure we’re looking after each other. That goes beyond a hug and the “how you’re doing” question. It means engaging with our extended community by showing a willingness to make meaningful change in people’s lives and a new organisation I’m involved in, Mental Health Advocacy and Peer support achieves this.