Chris Lynch


OPINION: Over 50 and can't find work? You're not alone

Friday 13th June, 2014

If you’re over fifty and looking for a job in Christchurch, you may be out of luck according to Work and Income New Zealand. I received an email from a former executive in his early 60s, struggling to find employment. He’s fit, healthy, no criminal record, and has an extensive background in marketing and sales. He’s been searching far and wide for employment in Christchurch to match his experience, but he says his age is not on his side. He told me after getting the run around from many businesses including recruitment companies, he reluctantly visited his local WINZ office for help. The case manager didn’t mince her words and told him, “if you’re over 50 in Christchurch, there are no jobs around.”

OPINION: Embrace change and allow progress

Saturday 07th June, 2014

The campaign to save ChristChurch Cathedral nearly came to an end last week. An order preventing deconstruction of the building was lifted by the High Court.The Anglican Church and the Great Christchurch Building Trust led by Jim Anderton have been engaged in a prolonged legal battle over its future since the 2011 February earthquake severely damaged it. The Church want it demolished to build a contemporary construction, while the GCBT has fought to rebuild it as it was.

OPINION: Sutton still positive .. sort of

Thursday 29th May, 2014

CERA boss Roger Sutton remains eternally optimistic - he has no other choice. Following the earthquakes, he was seen as one of only a handful of genuine Christchurch leaders ready to get stuck in and help rebuild Christchurch. He took an enormous pay cut to take up the city’s top job. No one could have ever imagined just how bad it would get, not least Roger. On Monday night on my CTV show LYNCHED, Sutton was the guest. I was looking forward to our interview, but was concerned it could turn out to be pointless. After all his boss, Earthquake Recovery Minister Gerry Brownlee, runs the city. Still, to his credit, Sutton fronted and remained composed as I asked him about the rebuild. Did he agree with the $500 million figure provided by the council as the shortfall for infrastructure? “I actually work very happily with council leaders on these issues.” Translation: the council is probably right, I’m just the middle man. His answers were well crafted. You could almost see him thinking, “don’t piss off Brownlee”. He says, “there’s no disagreement between us (CERA) and the council, and the shortfall amount will change depending on how much money the council gets from insurance payouts.” He’s right of course.

OPINION: Time to ban street prostitution?

Monday 12th May, 2014

The legalisation of street prostitution in Christchurch is fast becoming the city’s great shame. In 2003, we became the first country in the world to decriminalise prostitution. Former MP Tim Barnett and his crew said the law would give protection for street sex workers and give them confidence to make rape complaints knowing they wouldn’t be judged by law enforcement officers. The law’s aim was built around the principle of harm minimisation – identifying genuine harm caused by prostitution and writing law and policy to minimise them. Tell that to Mellory Manning’s family.   A jury found a former gang prospect guilty of the street sex worker’s murder by beating her to death in 2008. In 2005, prostitute Suzie Sutherland was murdered and her body was dumped on Peterborough St. That same year, a former high school friend of mine, who tuned to the sex trade, was murdered by being repeatedly run over by the killer. Last month a sex worker was sexually assaulted on Bealey Ave. The same night, another sex worker was punched.