Chris Lynch


OPINION: Silent council staff and assets sales

Saturday 09th August, 2014

The council needs hard cash and the dire warnings from councillor Raf Manji came true. But it’s not all doom and gloom. It’s election year and the Government will be looking at ways to attract more votes given the anger directed towards it following EQC and red zone issues. No doubt it will get out its wallet and throw cash at the council if it’s serious about the rebuild. Mind you, it doesn’t need Christchurch to maintain power, so time will tell. It’s been an odd experience listening to political parties making over-the-top bids for the Canterbury vote. The Government repeats CBD announcements, holding pointless media briefings with no real new news value. Labour promises thousands of new houses for Christchurch but can’t explain where it will get builders from. The Greens are keen for everyone to live in sustainable glass boxes and want to cap rent prices - a good reason for private investors to go elsewhere. And Winston’s throwing his entire bank balance at Christchurch.

OPINION: Local drama an insult to Christchurch

Sunday 06th July, 2014

What was the point of television doco-drama Hope and Wire? Why did it cost five million dollars? And talk about an opportunity wasted. Gaylenne Preston’s attempt to recreate the pain and suffering during and following the major Christchurch earthquakes was a let-down. It started off promising with real footage of the aftermath of the quakes, but then it went horribly wrong. The establishing scene showed the rest of the country Christchurch is still living in the 80s where white supremacy rules, thanks to skinheads and their big scary dogs threatening an Asian store owner. If that wasn’t enough - cue white-trash gothic girl - throwing outside furniture across the footpath. Welcome to Christchurch; thanks Gaylenne. But wait there’s more. The film-makers added more shock value displaying a local, vomiting into a bush.  We all know teenagers are promiscuous, right? Especially if they’re from Christchurch, so throw in a bizarre storyline on a young school girl worried about whether she had herpes and thrush.  Cue powerful script, “It hurts and it’s actually kinda itchy,” the young girl said to her friends on the school bus.

OPINION: The truth about hair loss treatment

Tuesday 24th June, 2014

No one likes to admit their hair is thinning. The truth is, mine has always been pretty thin. I don’t want to say the word balding but there, I just did. I’m not alone. Hair loss affects more than half of all men and some women. I thought it was time I tried to distinguish successful treatments from the snake oils. Turns out it was a harder personal assignment than I had originally thought. I heard an advertisement on a music radio station about “the only medical clinic” in the country that treats hair loss. It sounded too good to be true but thought I’d give it a go. I read frightening reviews online and Googled two companies in Christchurch offering hair loss treatments. I was a bit put off by the negative reviews and went against rational judgement and booked a free consultation with the ‘medical’ clinic anyway.

OPINION: Stop with the wellbeing surveys!

Thursday 19th June, 2014

This week, Christchurch residents were told something they already know. “New research” shows significant differences between the wellbeing of residents who have had their insurance claims settled and those who have not…. Well dah. “Residents who have not had their claims settled are more likely to feel tired, stressed and frustrated.” These residents are “more likely than those who have had their claims settled to feel insecure, uncertain and angry.”