Chris Lynch


VIDEO "Mental Health crisis looming in Christchurch"

Tuesday 02nd December, 2014
The boss of the CDHB says more money is urgently needed to avoid a looming mental health crisis. "Unprecedented growth in demand for mental health over the past three years showed no sign of slowing and was unsustainable." David Meates told Chris Lynch on CTV's Lynch programme that despite nearly four years on from the earthquakes many people are still struggling to cope. 

VIDEO: Homeopathy harmless or dangerous?

Sunday 23rd November, 2014
Is Homeopathy doing more harm than good? Chris Lynch speaks to Vicki Hyde, spokeswoman for the NZ Skeptics.

VIDEO: The future of tourism in Canterbury

Sunday 23rd November, 2014
Chris Lynch speaks to Christchurch and Canterbury Tourism boss Tim Hunter about the future of the region.

VIDEO: The Empire is taking over

Tuesday 28th October, 2014
If there’s an international show in town that you need to see it’s Spiegelworld’s Empire. The show has just finished sold-out seasons across Australia and it’s not hard to see why. No doubt you’ve seen the television commercials. It looks part cirque du soleil, part circus. The truth is the commercials don’t do this stunning production justice. It’s every bit cirque du soleil, without the yoga music, and every part circus, without the animals.