Chris Lynch


AUDIO: Christchurch sexual abuser's name remains silent

Saturday 16th August, 2014

A veteran campaigner against the name suppression of sex offenders is supporting two Christchurch sisters in their fight to identify their abuser. Karen Beaumont and Anne-Marie Forsyth won the right to lift their name suppression, but the court found it didn't have the ability to lift the suppression of their attacker. Derryn Hinch has been jailed for breaching suppression orders, and says the Christchurch public have a right to know whose living among them. He says anonymity is the sex-offenders greatest weapon. Hinch speaks to Chris Lynch. 

AUDIO: Gaza based journalist Harry Fear speaks to Chris Lynch

Monday 21st July, 2014






Jounalist Harry Fear, who's based in Gaza, talks to Chris Lynch on Newstalk ZB, with his account of what is taking place on the ground in Gaza, the Israeli aggression and also the unfolding humanitarian crisis that the people of Gaza are facing.

AUDIO: Friday's Power Panel on Newstalk ZB

Friday 04th July, 2014






 NewstalkZB's Chris Lynch discusses the big issues facing Canterbury with Christchurch Press Editor Joanna Norris, Councillor Jamie Gough and Environment Minister Amy Adams.

AUDIO:  Addicted to alcohol? "Mrs D is going without"

Tuesday 01st July, 2014






Lotta Dann was in trouble - her fun drinking habit had slowly morphed into an obsessive hunger for wine. One bottle a night was never quite enough. When she tried to cut down, she found it nearly impossible to have an alcohol-free day. Everyone around could see her drinking, but no one realised what a serious problem it was. Desperate and miserable, she was falling deeper and deeper into a boozy hellhole and running out of ideas about what she could do to stop it. What's a girl to do when her beloved wine becomes the enemy? Here's what Lotta did. She stopped drinking and secretly started a blog that charted the highs and lows of learning to live without alcohol. Mrs D was anonymous, honest and, as Lotta would discover, surrounded by people who would help her on her journey, and whom she could help in return. Lotta speaks to Chris Lynch about her book which is an honest, upfront, engaging account of a suburban housewife's journey from miserable wine-soaked boozer to self-respecting sober lady.