Chris Lynch


CHRIS LYNCH Talk Host Finalist 2016 | 2015 | 2014 | Winner: Best Journalist daily current affairs show 2012

Thursday 05th January, 2017
Chris Lynch is a multimedia journalist and award winning television news producer. He hosts a morning talk show on New Zealand's #1 radio station Newstalk ZB. Chris works across all media platforms including television, radio, print and social media. He has experience working in 'live' network television control rooms, producing breaking national and international news. Along with Chris' journalism, he's also a fully-fledged television camera operator and editor and produces social media videos. Chris was nominated for "best talk host"  at the New Zealand Radio Awards in 2016, 2015, and 2014. He hosts nationwide talk radio shows and presents special network shows including War Memorial Day, Easter holidays and New Zealand Day.   (Below: Chris Lynch with then New Zealand Prime Minister) 

VIDEO: New Zealand's biggest Lego show comes to Christchurch 

Monday 18th July, 2016
New Zealand’s biggest Lego festival was held in Christchurch on the weekend. The Christchurch Brick Show attracted thousands of spectators to Horncastle Area. Nothing was off limits, from glow in the dark Lego to animatronic lego puppets. NewstalkZB’s Chris Lynch went along for a look. 


Monday 16th May, 2016
Civil Defence is investigating reports of a tornado on the West Coast. Footage emerged this morning of what appeared to be the start of a tornado near the Greymouth Airport. A severe weather warning has been issued as a huge storm batters the area. Civil Defence emergency manager Allan Wilson says they're now looking into reports a tornado could have touched down between Rutherglen and Kumara.Allan Wilson says people should only travel if it's essential.


Saturday 14th May, 2016
Kenya's place at the Olympic Games is in jeopardy, but top kiwi runner Nick Willis believes it will take a huge amount to restore the country's image regardless of whether it cleans up its act. There's the possibility of Kenya being banned from Rio after its anti-doping lab was declared non-compliant by the World Anti-Doping Agency. Regardless, Willis told Newstalk ZB's Chris Lynch there will be suspicions about the Kenyans. "They've had 40 athletes test positive and face suspension since 2012, and currently right now they have 18 athletes serving suspensions. So the image is already tainted." However Nick Willis would be surprised if Kenya is banned from the Olympics and thinks WADA is again trying to convey a strong message. Willis said it looks as if WADA president Sir Craig Reedie is trying to push the Kenyans into action again. "The wording of that suggests that this is just another strong message, they're just following protocol. It would be very, very surprising if they actually were banned from the Olympics."